Here's a brief description of how the Segments of Time 45 came about

The Segments Of Time album was released in the USA in 1972 on the Sussex Record Label.The track "Will You Be Mine" has often been played on the Modern Soul scene in Britain but was one of the tracks that was not available as a 45.Other tracks like "Song To The System" and "Tears Keep Falling" b/w "Memories" were released as 45's and became quite sought after records.Streetsoul Records have taken another album only track "Are You Too Blind To See" and licenced this together with "Will You Be Mine" for a first ever Vinyl 45 release from Universal Music.Streetsoul Records would also like to thank the following people for their help in making this project possible:
Angelo Acanfora, Noel Summerville, Jenny Cardinal, Jon Miller & the MCPS in Great Britain.I would also like to personally thank the DJ's who play Streetsoul's releases and magazine reviewers Simon White & Pete Haigh at Manifesto Magazine.
I hope you enjoy this record!!
Andy Davies