Below is the original album that our new release has been taken from plus a brief insight into how the 45 came about.

The Pulse album was originally released in 1978 on Olde World Records.Streetsoul Records have licenced the tracks "Sunshine" & "It's A New Day" for release in the UK for the first time ever as a Vinyl 45. "Baby I miss you" was released as a 45 in the USA & "Shake What You Got" appeared as a 12" release.After "Sunshine" became a very big track on the Modern Soul scene here in England Streetsoul Records have decided to make this our 5th release and have exclusively licenced the two tracks from Lloyd Price Music Inc.

Streetsoul would like to thank the following people for making this project possible:

Angelo Acanfora,Lloyd Price,Bill Waller,Noel Summerville & Jenny Cardinal.